Who we are, what we do and where we come from

The marching band  “Guggen-music Simsegraebsler“ comes from the village Hofstetten which is located in the south-west of Germany in the black forest. This region is famous for its tradition to scare the winter away by wearing costumes and making music. This tradition is called “Fastnacht” and each village has its own costumes and music groups.


The village of Hofstetten has therefore two groups, the “Höllenhunde – helldogs” with their affiliated marching band “Simsegräbsler”. Both groups are well known for their regional and international (France, Germany, Switzerland) performances having won several awards for their performance on “Fastnacht” processions. Despite the fact that all musicians are laymen the marching band has gone through an extensive growth within the past few years now playing only songs they wrote themselves.


Fun and companionship are rated very highly within our group which leads to the fact that we meet regularly several times a week to have new songs every year. We are therefore not a traditional group with strict regulations but rather a gathering of friends who want to have fun together.


We personally love to play and we are especially proud that we mange to have a strong group feeling that enables us to give a great performance each time we go on tour dispite the fact that neither one of us is a professional musician.


We have therefore managed to become one of the most famous “Guggemusic” within the black forest having a reputation that is far bigger than the borders of Germany.